Friday, September 25, 2020

September 25, 2020

School-Aged Child Care (SACC)
Interested returning in-person families be on the lookout! 

As we prepare to re-enter our school, make sure to
review the safety precautions necessary for all students.
Here are some helpful tips.

Remote Learning Parent Survey
We need your input! How's it going? How can we help?
Please take this brief SURVEY to help us, help you!

iReady Parent Tips


This year the Wayne County Health Department will NOT be conducting Hearing and Vision Screenings in the School.  They are offering screenings the Third Friday of Every Month at the Wayne County Department of Health, Human and Veteran Services.  Please click HERE  to see the flyer to make an appointment.   

Updated Contact Information

Please make sure all personal contact information is up to date on Parent Connect (address, phone numbers, emails, emergency contacts) before in-person school starts. We also need all immunization records up to date. If you need to make a change or update, please call the office at 734-744-2800.


Don't forget to join the PTA,
no strings attached!
Click HERE to join!
Interested in Rosedale Spirit Wear? Click here: LINK

Remember to tune in to our Livonia Public Schools
Board of Education Meeting, Monday, Sept. 28.
The Board will be voting on the proposed
Return to Learn Plan moving forward.
Join the meeting by visiting the LPS Website
then go to the School Board tab, and find the
Board Meeting Information link.

Speaking of websites, visit the Rosedale website
and our Facebook page! We had lots of 
students with Crazy Hair today!

Have a great weekend,
Mrs. Kohler

Friday, September 18, 2020

September 18, 2020

September Birthdays
Sept. 3 Thomas T.
Sept. 3 Dominic U.
Sept. 4 Leia J.
Sept. 6 Orion B.
Sept. 6 Emma W.
Sept. 9 Ethan R.
Sept. 10 Megan R.
Sept. 14 Erick C.
Sept. 14 Harper J.
 Sept. 14 Mariana L.
Sept. 14 Micah L.
Sept. 19 Logan A.
Sept. 19 Kavan S.
Sept. 20 Alexis H.
Sept. 22 Carson B.
Sept. 22 Giada G.
Sept. 23 Nadine A.
Sept. 23 Milan A.
Sept. 24 Eva G.
Sept. 24 Alexander H.
Sept. 25 Kennedy B.
Sept. 25 Noah P.
Sept. 25 Evayla W.
Sept. 27 Hailey G.
Sept. 30 Eric H.

Safe Start September is REAL SCHOOL!
Your child should be working everyday
from 9:00-3:25, depending on the teacher's schedule. Choose when to have lunch, but please help your child
stay on task for both synchronous
and asynchronous work!
We appreciate your support.

Make sure to call the Attendance Line if your child
will be absent for one of their remote sessions.
Call: 734-744-2801.

Join Mrs. Kohler's YouTube Story Time anytime!
Visit my YouTube channel and watch and rewatch all the
stories I read last spring!
CLICK HERE to choose a story!

Title I School-Student-Parent Compact
After reviewing the Compact, if you haven't already, 
please fill out this brief survey by clicking on this: LINK
Much appreciated!

Tuesday, Sept. 22 is our first virtual PTA Meeting.
It will be 6-7 PM. Stay tuned for that link!
CRAZY HAIR DAY is Friday, Sept. 25!
Take a photo and share it with your teacher!
Joining the PTA as a member is an excellent opportunity
to show our PTA support and appreciation.
Cost per adult is $10.00.
Thank you for your support!

Would you like a 2019-20 Yearbook?
Call our office to reserve one for $10!

Does your child need a Livonia Public Library Card?
Click HERE for more details!

The forecast looks good for this weekend,
Mrs. Kohler

Friday, September 11, 2020

Rosedale Report Sept. 11, 2020

 8 Ways to Make Students Feel Welcome on First Day of School | NEA

Thank you to our staff, families, and students for a successful first week of school!

We survived all the bumps and glitches and will continue to work

together to make this September great!


Please continue to call the Rosedale Attendance Line

when your child will be unable to attend a remote learning session.

All students are required to be online with their teachers, 3 times a day.

All teachers are taking both AM and PM attendance, as always.

You may either report online by going to our website to the "Report an Absence" link (

or call our office at 734-744-2800 and follow the prompts.

2019-20 Yearbooks

Our office is selling yearbooks for $10. If interested, please call and pick up your copy today!


Spriritwear Flyer: CLICK HERE

Coming in December:

Here are some safety tips to review with your children, framed in the 3 Be's:

Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe!

Facebook Zero - Wikipedia

Follow Rosedale on Facebook:

And don't forget about our website:

Hope you have a great weekend,

Mrs. Kohler

Friday, June 5, 2020

June 5, 2020, Final 2019-2020 Edition!

Character Trait Lesson for Week of June 8-Final Week!
As we wrap up the 2019-20 school year, take a moment to reflect on ALL 9 Character Traits, and remember why each one is important.
Listen to the, "Be Responsible, Be Safe, Be Respectful," song,
by Patty Shukla, by clicking HERE!
Spend your summer practicing the 9 Character Traits!

Every spring, I ask each teacher to choose a
boy and a girl from their class who have exhibited
these 9 Character Traits over the course of the year,
and who earn the Principal's Award for the year.
Here are our 2019-2020 Award Winners!

Mrs. Fuller: Auriana T. and Luca V.
Mrs. Nadon: Raelynn M. and Vihaan A.
Mrs. Weakley: Abigail P. and Tyson P.
Mrs. Emmick: Maya T. and Andrew F.
Mrs. Shoemake: Denian L. and Amar K.
Mrs. Limberg: Caleb C. and Gianna S.
Mrs. Merchant: Cole M. and Savannah C.
Mrs. Riordan: David P. and Shravani D.
Mrs. Bartnick: Troy G. and Hailey P.
Mrs. Cooke: Decklan B. and Sadie R.
Mrs. Berrelez: Lilly S. and Kemari C.
Mrs. Casucci: Naga M. and Brynn R.
Congratulations Clipart J Clip Art Free Images Clipartcow ...

Please read!
Student Belongings Pick Up Process
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
We would like to give families an opportunity to pick up personal items from Rosedale.
All teachers are putting together bags for each student!
We have established the following schedule and protocols for our families to pick up
their child’s personal items while maintaining social distancing and safe procedures.
Parents/students will NOT need to get out of their vehicles.
Displaying a sign with your student's and teacher's name would be helpful.
This will NOT be an opportunity for families to enter the building.
Please follow the signs, cones, and staff directions as you enter the drive.

Library Books
If you have school library books at home please return at this time. 
A cart will be available to collect your library books at curbside drop off. 

Title I Canvas Book Bags and Books
If you have canvas book bags and books from support reading teachers
please return them at this time. A cart will be available to collect them at curbside drop off. 

If your student still has medication at school, notify the main office
and we will make arrangements to have the medication delivered to your vehicle
during curbside pick-up, and we will provide the forms for fall. 

At this time Chromebooks will not be collected prior to summer break. 
You are encouraged to keep them over the summer for learning opportunities.
Guidance will be given in August, however if you are moving over the summer,
please return your Chromebook; there will be a cart to collect them at curbside drop off.

Safety Belts
Fourth grade safeties, there will be a bin for you to return your safety belt as you drive by.

Fourth Grade Recorders (from Music Class)
Due to the current epidemic, all fourth graders may keep their borrowed recorders.

SACC Swipe Cards
SACC swipe cards are deactivated at this time. Families are asked to hold on to
their cards, which can be re-activated if you return to SACC in the fall.

Somerset Oaks Academy
iReady reading and math licenses will
be available to all students thru August 9!
iReady is excellent for all ages,
ensuring reading and math practice
that will benefit your child(ren) and
keep them sharp for the fall!

Fall Registration
All new students (kindergartners or anyone who will be new to Rosedale) need to register online, the sooner the better!
The LPS website has the link to get you started:
Please spread the word to family, friends, and neighbors.

Clipart beach happy birthday, Clipart beach happy birthday ...
June Birthdays
June 3: Kennedy T.
June 6: Ellis H.
June 6: Ethan H.
June 6: Aubrey L.
June 6: Brynn R.
June 7: Charlette D.
June 7: Isaiah T.
June 8: Audree B.
June 9: Jonas A.
June 9: Blake H.
June 10: Rachel S.
June 11: Jordyn H. 
June 11: Elijah W.
June 12: Finley P.
June 16: Ayden S.
June 19: Aydenn C.
June 19: Cailan C.
June 19: Vanessa L.
June 21: Isabella C.
June 23: Jordyn F.
June 26: Kejdi M.
June 26: Matthew T.
June 27: Tina D.
June 27: Lucy F.

July Birthdays
July 2: Natalia K.
July 10: Audriana N.
July 11: Riseldi Z.
July 12: Sydnee S.
July 15: Cecelia C.
July 15: Aksel S.
July 18: Parker M.
July 18: Taylor T.
July 20: Isabella A.
July 20: Kingston B.
July 21: Gabriel H.
July 21: Layla L.
July  21: Mayar S.
July 22: Ryan C.
July 24: Nikolas K.
July 25: Braydon S.
July 25: Luca V.
July 26: Layla A.
July 26: Silas O.
July 26: Tyson P.
July 28: Lia M.
July 30: Dwayne C.
July 30: Martin C.

August Birthdays
August 2: Rose S.
August 6: Laila J.
August 7: Mia Z.
August 13: Sydney P.
August 15: Cooper B.
August 18: Vihaan A.
August 19: Zoie B.
August 21: Emari C.
August 21: Mya U.
August 24: Amaya B.
August 28: Shravani D.
August 31: Alaina B.

Lifetouch Photos
At this time, Lifetouch has been unable to confirm when
we will receive Yearbooks. Spring Pictures will not
be available. You will receive an email explaining the plan
once we have that information.

Tentative Fall Dates (Subject to Change)
Aug. 25: LPS Bounce Back to School Event
Aug. 27: Kindergarten Round Up
Aug. 28: Incoming 5th Grade Tours
Sept. 7: Labor Day, No School
Sept. 8: First Day of School

There is so much to be determined for the
fall of 2020. Please keep informed by
visiting the LPS website on a regular
basis. The district is currently working on
a 'back to school' plan, and will be sharing
progress as the summer unfolds.
In the meantime, we have one week left of 
virtual learning, and look forward to seeing
everyone at the Belongings Pick Up Days!
Have a nice weekend,
Mrs. Kohler

September 25, 2020

School-Aged Child Care (SACC) SACC INFORMATION WILL BE RELEASED FROM THE DISTRICT SOON! Interested  returning  in-person families be on the ...